Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a new design mockup for the RB homepage

Em SÃb, 2005-11-19 Ãs 01:42 +0100, Johannes Rebhan escreveu:
> About Download.. ahm.. nobody really downloads rb from the page.. if
> someone compiles it, then he/she will surely go for the cvs and
> otherwise he/she will fire up synaptics or their yast and download it
> this way.. so i really think download is NOT that important.. ( not as
> important as to clutter a perfectly clean menu )

If not for the Download section, the website is useless for 99% of the
users (that's not a fact btw, just my opinion). 

The Download page should provide links to the latest release source code
with build instructions for multiple distros, CVS build instructions,
and most importantly, links to unofficial packages (with
instructions ;). In short, "Download" is actually "Getting this nice app
you talk about in my computer", and it should be as easy as possible to
actually do that. 

I'm willing to help (with content, not design ;) if needed. The
community that builds rhythmbox for different operating systems should
be _very_ helpful too.


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