Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a new design mockup for the RB homepage

Am Samstag, den 19.11.2005, 12:49 +0100 schrieb Martin Jeppesen:
> You can be pretty sure, that users don't download CVS versions, as
> they require e.g. the latest version of GTK+ parallel installed and
> this is done by tar.gz files compiled in the right order.
> When GTK+ have been installed and the right exports are made, the
> dependency hell is only just started. Now you need to figure out where
> you get libnautilus-burn. Try search Google, and see if you can find
> it.
> Compiling Rhythmbox from CVS is not trivial.

Ahm.. ubuntu breezy ---> cvs checkout ---> fix the dependencies with
synaptics ( by adding the needed dev packages ) --> ./ and
your done :o).. thats not really that hard i think..

> > so i really think download is NOT that important.. ( not as
> > important as to clutter a perfectly clean menu )
> I would say functionality is more important then design. After all the
> purphase of application websites are to answer: what is this program,
> what it looks like, what can it do, and where do I get it.

You would be shocked to hear that design is as important as content...
( i know most programmers dont like that idea ).. but having a nice site
can boost up your user usage because its just "cooler" to use that
program... look at the iPod.. one of the most underfeatured.. most
expensive.. most propritary mp3players on the market.. but everyone
WANTS it badly... :o) ( and that is surely not because of its excellent
qualities... nearly every cheap taiwanese player can do more for less )

But that discussion is useless if you think that way.. ( numbers and
real world experience proof you to be wrong.. )

> When you as a (new) user visits a website, you want to know these
> things first of all.
> If the changelog is on the front page, then is the website clearly is
> made for already users, and very hostile for new comers. They are not
> invited so to speak.
> With the changelog on the front page the message seams to be: "This
> website is designed for people already using Rhythmbox, and if you are
> new, then Rhythmbos is not for you."

I am not talking about the changelog beeing on the front.. but more the
NEWS.. ( there should be a little bit more info than just changelogs...
like progress and stuff.. new features that are beeing talked about..
etc.. not everyone reads the ML ) 

If someone hits the site who is new.. he should be able to press
"About" ( After he read the Headline GNOME Music Manager which is self
describing of what he will find on this page ) if hes not.. hes not even
beeing able to use a computer or linux at all. For everyone else.. who
just wants to follow the project ( and those are many more than
"newcomers" ) he needs to have an extra click for the needed information
everytime he visits the page.

> > Idea 5 in my taste ist just plain boring.....
> Apple have done very well with white =)

Yeah thats probably the reason why they changed it now ..... take a look
at most of's subpages ..... ( you have a combination of black,
gradiant and others.. )

And btw. i am not apple :o) 


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