Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a new design mockup for the RB homepage

> About Download.. ahm.. nobody really downloads rb from the page..

Can you back this up with logs or statistics?

> if
> someone compiles it, then he/she will surely go for the cvs and
> otherwise he/she will fire up synaptics or their yast and download it
> this way..

You can be pretty sure, that users don't download CVS versions, as
they require e.g. the latest version of GTK+ parallel installed and
this is done by tar.gz files compiled in the right order.

When GTK+ have been installed and the right exports are made, the
dependency hell is only just started. Now you need to figure out where
you get libnautilus-burn. Try search Google, and see if you can find

Compiling Rhythmbox from CVS is not trivial.

> so i really think download is NOT that important.. ( not as
> important as to clutter a perfectly clean menu )

I would say functionality is more important then design. After all the
purphase of application websites are to answer: what is this program,
what it looks like, what can it do, and where do I get it.

When you as a (new) user visits a website, you want to know these
things first of all.

If the changelog is on the front page, then is the website clearly is
made for already users, and very hostile for new comers. They are not
invited so to speak.

With the changelog on the front page the message seams to be: "This
website is designed for people already using Rhythmbox, and if you are
new, then Rhythmbos is not for you."

> Idea 5 in my taste ist just plain boring.....

Apple have done very well with white =)

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