Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a new design mockup for the RB homepage


Ok i thought this topic would come up..

For clearing the menuitems point:

News ( this is the top page.. no About starting page.. its the most
important thing on a side to get to know what has changed )

- Download
- Related Tools
- Screenshots ( nicely arranged with nice thumbs and shadow and just
everything )
- THE Rhythmbox SONG ( yeah fancy.. ) perhaps there is one someday..
like the totaly lame winamp song.. ( "it really wips the lamas
ass" ) :o)

- Description
- Features
- Screenshot ( one single ) and a link to the other screenshots )

- Translation
- Feedback ( a normal user wount join the ML )

And by popular demand

The reason for not including more than 4 menupoints is simple yet
clear.. humans can without thinking, only recognize 4 items at a time
( sad but true ).. and we dont want to bother our visitors to think do
we ? ;oP..

And we dont really need a single menu entry for everything.. in times of
fast internet connections the user wants to click less and scroll for
that a little bit more...  ( and in our case its 2 Screen Heights at
max, thats really no problem at all).


Am Freitag, den 18.11.2005, 22:07 +0100 schrieb Martin Jeppesen:
> I think those are amazing!!
> My favorite is nr.2 because the menu is easy to find, and the shaded
> transparancy looks great =)
> Althought I think is it very important that a screenshot of Rhythmbox
> is easy accessible. Many chooses programs 100% based toolkit or on the
> looks of it.
> The other links at (download, related tools, faq,
> development, translation, feedback) have I used myself, so I think
> those are important too. But screenshot and download are the most
> important would I say =)
> Could you try send a mockup with white background instead of a gradient?

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