Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a new design mockup for the RB homepage

> > > About Download.. ahm.. nobody really downloads rb from the page..

> Can you prove "people expect this and that" that you bring up every mail
> you posted..

I am just asking is where do you have this information from?

Perhaps we can ask for Apache access logs?

> > You are right, that design is important for hardware and design is
> > important for software as well. But would people buy the iPod if you
> > removed the functionality?
> You dont get the point...

Then what is the point?

> > I don't think degrading functionality is good for anyone.
> I am not removing function from the webpage.. you still have a single
> click until you get your screenshots its just "media" which holds more
> points.. but showing all together....

It is degrading when you (re)move something as important as Download
from a website dedicated to the content in Download.

> > have 8 menus. You have now 5 in your ideas.
> > What is there were 4 to the left of the triangle and 4 to the right?
> Thats a strange idea...


> > That's not how it works. First rule of marketing:
> >
> > Who is the target group?
> > What are their needs?
> Ah and you define the target group AND what their needs are you must be
> really rich..

It is not something I have invented, but I wish I had =)

> ok just to end this pointless discussion.. i am not going to design the
> webpage against all my experience and knowledge as a webdesigner..
> especially not if i am pointed to "proof" something i dont have to proof
> and on the other hand have to listen to sentences like "people do this
> and that" without any proof or anything...

Why is it okay for you, and not me?

Anyway. I only ask those questions, so the best solution is reached.

I think we look at the subject with two different eyes; From a
designers point of view and users/developers point of view.

Here I write users/developers because I also think it is important to
honor the developers for their work with a Download link on the front

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