Re: [Planner Dev] planner database

Richard Hult wrote:
Geoffrey wrote:

You have any idea how long?  I'm willing to look at the code if you
 folks don't have time to get to it right away.

I guess we are all pretty busy at the moment, so any help would be
great :)

Okay, so it appears that the server is simply ignored in src/planner-sql-plugin.c It's passed into sql_plugin_retrieve_project_id(), but no portion of the server is passed to gda_config_save_data_source(). I'm assuming it should/could be passed as part of the db_txt. Currently db_txt = "DATABASE=plannerdb"

I don't know what syntax it's expecting though, I'm thinking either:

db_txt = "DATABASE=plannerdb,";


db_txt = "";

I do see one example for MySQl showing the comma delimited approach, but from my postgresql/perl coding experience, colon delimited is used, so I don't know if the syntax is dependent on gda code or provider expectation. Then again, I attempted to hack the code both ways, still couldn't get connected.

Figured I'd share this and keep hacking at it. If you see something glaringly stupid in my assessment, let me know and I'll back down this path. :)

Until later, Geoffrey       Registered Linux User #108567
                            AT&T Certified UNIX System Programmer - 1995

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