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Geoffrey wrote:
Richard Hult wrote:

Geoffrey wrote:

Well it's interesting. I've tried first to connect locally. If I try it as root, I get a 'connection to database plannerdb' failed.' If I try the same as non-root user, it crashes when I attempt to connect to the database. I'm using the same database user name, just running planner as root and a non-root user.

Could you post a stack trace of the crash please?


Another quick note regarding this build of planner. Red Hat workstation does not apparently come with a libgda. At least I could not locate it on Red Hat network, thus I pulled the latest version from gnome-db. The version I have on this box is 1.1.99, whereas the version that came with my SuSE 9.1 install is 1.0.3.

I've located a rh9.0 1.0.3 rpm version of libgda which I'm going to try and install and see if that makes any difference. There are a couple of dependencies it's screaming about, so this might take a bit. I'll post the results.

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