Re: [orca-list] 2 Orca issues

On 08/09/2009 05:36 AM, Jacob Schmude wrote:
Everyone else having this problem, do you happen to have Webvisum installed?

Yup, and removing it solves the problem here as well. I've been using it since near the beginning of my Orca use, and it's quite likely that its CAPTCHA-cracking completely blew my mind and I stopped caring about losing link focus, or forgot that I'd even had it. :) It may have also solved an issue wherein focus bounced around on pages like a bunny on speed shortly after page loads, often to the point where it would completely leave the location/search bars and I'd often have to wait up to two seconds after either command, because if I started typing and the cursor moved then an entire URL's characters got processed as structural nav commands. :P

I'll experiment with that for a day or so just to be sure, and will pester the Webvisum folks if someone hasn't already beaten me to it. Hopefully they'll make an updated release soonish; I've already had to disable various functionality because Google search results took upwards of a minute to render with their page enhancements enabled.

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