RE: How to add conduits after recompilation

On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 23:49 +0800, z w wrote:
> > 
> > This is outside the scope of this list, but the steps are along these
> > lines:
> >   1.  Download the gnome-pilot SOURCE RPM for your current distributed
> >       version.
> >   2.  Create a 'patch' file for your required changes.
> >   3.  Unpack the source rpm (install it) and add your patch file
> >       alongside the existing patches - pretty much all distribs
> >       will make some changes to the distributed sources.
> >   4.  Edit the 'spec' file to list your patch file so that it
> >       gets applied.  Also, change the package 'version' number
> >       so that it is recognised as 'more recent' than your installed
> >       copy.
> >   5.  rebuild the binary RPMs from your modified source RPM folder.
> >   6.  install.
> Thanks very much.
> After re-installing the src.rpm following your steps, the sync icon
> can be again added to the gnome panel, and the gnome-pilot progress
> window appears as before.

Great.  You clearly need a tougher challenge! :)

> But the memo conduit is still broken. I've removed all memos, the sync still failed.
> I've re-tried with jpilot, which works fine with memos.
> Since the problem is identical for both Treos, so I think it's a problem of the conduit, not the data.
> Remark: the same conduit has worked before, when my data got duplicated.

Have you tried deleting all memos on the Evolution side as well?


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