RE: How to add conduits after recompilation

On Thu, 2008-08-21 at 22:07 +0800, z w wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> Is there a safe way to have a clean install without manually compiling and installing Evolution ? 
> I mean use OpenSUSE's rpms, and only gnome-pilot compiled manually.

This is outside the scope of this list, but the steps are along these
  1.  Download the gnome-pilot SOURCE RPM for your current distributed
  2.  Create a 'patch' file for your required changes.
  3.  Unpack the source rpm (install it) and add your patch file
      alongside the existing patches - pretty much all distribs
      will make some changes to the distributed sources.
  4.  Edit the 'spec' file to list your patch file so that it
      gets applied.  Also, change the package 'version' number
      so that it is recognised as 'more recent' than your installed
  5.  rebuild the binary RPMs from your modified source RPM folder.
  6.  install.

> >> 3) Sync of Memos is broken, neither "Synchronization" nor "Copy from
> >> PDA" nor "Copy to PDA" work, same situation for both Treos.
> >> 4) With Treo 680, when I disable all but Memo sync, only Memo sync
> >> happens (but not works really).


> -----
> ememoconduit-Message: pre_sync: Memo Conduit v.0.1.6
> ememoconduit-Message: Memo Conduit v.0.1.6
> ememoconduit-Message:   Using timezone: /
> (gpilotd:3832): gpilotd-WARNING **: Copy from PDA failed!
> gpilotd-Message: Synchronization ended

I don't know what is causing this message.  It probably indicates a bug
somewhere in the memo conduit and/or gnome-pilot, but may be triggered
by somewhat corrupt databases on your treo or evolution.  The error
message is quite generic, so it's not clear where the problem lies,


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