RE: How to add conduits after recompilation

Hi again,

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 22:43 +0800, z w wrote:
> During the time I tried everything to make it work, I've already
> tested "usb:", and it worked when /dev/ttyUSB1 worked.
> But in the README.libusb, it's stated that I should put visor in the
> blacklist.
> I don't understand how both usb: and /dev/ttyUSB1 could function at
> the same time.

Neither do I :)  But if "usb:" works for you, stick with it and
hopefully it'll do a better job for the Treo680.

> > This doesn't surprise me. The entries will have different 'unique
> IDs'
> > on each Treo, so they will cause duplicates. I would have thought
> it's
> > pretty unusual to need to sync two palm devices with the same
> Evolution
> > install. I know there is code there to deal with a single palm and
> > multiple desktops, but it is possible that we would need to add
> > something to detect multple palms and a single desktop and use the
> same
> > 'slow sync' code path in that case.
> Is there a way to verify unique IDs on both Treos, by a pilot-link
> command for example ?

I'm not sure what you mean, but I really don't think syncing two devices
bidirectionally is going to work with gnome-pilot right now.  If you
want to see the Treo's unique IDs you can look in the files

> I travel a lot between two countries, so I get two Treos with 2 SIM
> cards, one for each country.
> It's why I need to sync these two Treos.

Okay, that makes some sense.  I don't know much about Treos but I'm
amazed there isn't a GSM/CDMA version that can be used worldwide.

> > The obvious workaround is to have one of the Treos set to 'copy to
> PDA'.
> > This will mean that changes made on that Treo will NOT show up in
> > Evolution, but it should mean that you can sync with both devices
> > without getting duplicates.
> I've already thought to this workaround. But another inconvenience is
> that, in gnome-pilot's settings, the "copy to PDA" is on the conduit,
> shared by both devices. That means that I have to change it each time,
> depending on the Treo I'm syncing. There is a great chance to make
> mistakes. It's better if this setting is on the device setting. 

The "copy to PDA" is on the conduit screen but the settings are PER-PDA.
Select the PDA from the drop-down list, and configure your per-PDA
conduit settings.

> > > Notice in Windows with Outlook/Pocket Mirror, the sync works very
> fine
> > > with the two Treos.
> > 
> > I am not familiar with how this setup deals with multiple devices,
> so
> > can't comment.
> I don't know how Pocket Mirror managed to sync the two Treos, but it
> does it. May be it keeps track of unique IDs and a mapping between the
> two devices ?

I suspect it does a 'slow sync' - ignoring the unique IDs and comparing
the contents of each record to perform matches.


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