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Hi again,

answers inline.

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 14:40 +0800, z w wrote:
> Hi,
> Still not receive replies to my questions.
> I've checked my settings in the mailinglist, I should receive each
> message.

Your mailing list settings were set to 'digest' so you were not getting
individual messages.  I've changed this for you now.

> So I have to reply in yet another new thread.
> Matt,
> Thanks very much, you were right, my problems were due to different
> installation locations.
> By copying Evolution's conduit files to /usr/local/share..., after a
> reboot, I see these conduits in the gnome-pilot settings.
> My Treo 650 works fine now.


> New problems:
> My Treo 680 is randomly working. The difference is :
> For Treo 650, I must press the Hotsync button for beeing detected by
> udev, then /dev/ttyUSB0, 1 and /dev/pilot are created.
> But for Treo 680, these files are created as soon as it's connected to
> the USB cable. And the sync functions once / 3-4 times.
> And after that, the Treo 650's sync is blocked.

Without getting into details, the Treo 680 has differences that seem to
make it hard to use with the 'visor/ttyUSBx' connections and
gnome-pilot.  You can search this list and the 'pilot-link-general' list
to learn more.  You will probably have better results if you can use
'libusb' syncing.  This is now the default on Ubunutu, for example, but
you can try following the libusb HOWTO if your distribution is using

> Worse:
> I expected that both Treos get synced to the same Evolution. But the
> result is all data are duplicated in Evolution !

This doesn't surprise me.  The entries will have different 'unique IDs'
on each Treo, so they will cause duplicates.  I would have thought it's
pretty unusual to need to sync two palm devices with the same Evolution
install.  I know there is code there to deal with a single palm and
multiple desktops, but it is possible that we would need to add
something to detect multple palms and a single desktop and use the same
'slow sync' code path in that case.

The obvious workaround is to have one of the Treos set to 'copy to PDA'.
This will mean that changes made on that Treo will NOT show up in
Evolution, but it should mean that you can sync with both devices
without getting duplicates.

> Now I'm trying to remove all that duplicated data.  
> Notice in Windows with Outlook/Pocket Mirror, the sync works very fine
> with the two Treos.

I am not familiar with how this setup deals with multiple devices, so
can't comment.

> I wonder how gnome-pilot is designed to sync multiple devices.
> Suppose that I sync the two Treos with Evolution, and remove
> duplicated data in Evolution, after a new sync, can I expect that both
> Treos reflect the new data state ?
> And then can modifications made in both Treo be propagated to each
> other ?

No, I don't think this will work.  If you can live with only making
changes on one Treo, then I think you can get a good working setup.


> (I've still one Treo without corrupted data, so I want to be sure
> before syncing data back to it)
> Thanks,

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