RE: How to add conduits after recompilation

> On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 22:43 +0800, z w wrote:
> [...]
> > During the time I tried everything to make it work, I've already
> > tested "usb:", and it worked when /dev/ttyUSB1 worked.
> > But in the README.libusb, it's stated that I should put visor in the
> > blacklist.
> > I don't understand how both usb: and /dev/ttyUSB1 could function at
> > the same time.
> Neither do I :) But if "usb:" works for you, stick with it and
> hopefully it'll do a better job for the Treo680.

It works but sometimes gnome-pilot complains that visor driver is not disabled.
So I put visor in the blacklist and use "usb:" for both Treos.
The two Treos work.
But no more gnome-pilot progress window appears. I can only see the progression on my Treos.

> The "copy to PDA" is on the conduit screen but the settings are PER-PDA.
> Select the PDA from the drop-down list, and configure your per-PDA
> conduit settings.

You are right. I've now configured one with "Synchonization", another with "Copy to PDA".

> I suspect it does a 'slow sync' - ignoring the unique IDs and comparing
> the contents of each record to perform matches.

Is this "slow sync" usable ? and how ?
Remaining problems:
1) gnome-pilot-applet can not apprear sometimes when I choose Edit->Synchronization Options... from Evolution.
2) gpilotd sometimes keeps runing with 50% cpu, even without Treo attached.
I think the two problems are linked, because if I kill running gpilotd and gnome-gpilot-applet, then things go better.
3) Sync of Memos is broken, neither "Synchronization" nor "Copy from PDA" nor "Copy to PDA" work, same situation for both Treos.
4) With Treo 680, when I disable all but Memo sync, only Memo sync happens (but not works really).
With Treo 650, on my Treo, it continues to show sync of Address, of Datebook, etc. and it takes much more time.

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