RE: How to add conduits after recompilation

Hi again,

glad to hear things are mostly working now.

On Thu, 2008-08-21 at 13:27 +0800, z w wrote:
> It works but sometimes gnome-pilot complains that visor driver is not
> disabled.
> So I put visor in the blacklist and use "usb:" for both Treos.
> The two Treos work.
> But no more gnome-pilot progress window appears. I can only see the
> progression on my Treos.

I suspect this is another problem due to your install from source.
Maybe this would be fixed by logging-in again?

> > I suspect it does a 'slow sync' - ignoring the unique IDs and
> comparing
> > the contents of each record to perform matches.
> Is this "slow sync" usable ? and how ?

the conduit decides when to 'slow sync' - you can't control it.  As far
as I know, the 'slow sync' is only done if the previous sync for your
PDA was with a different desktop.

> Remaining problems:
> 1) gnome-pilot-applet can not apprear sometimes when I choose
> Edit->Synchronization Options... from Evolution.
> 2) gpilotd sometimes keeps runing with 50% cpu, even without Treo
> attached.
> I think the two problems are linked, because if I kill running gpilotd
> and gnome-gpilot-applet, then things go better.

Not sure what is causing this, but I suspect either a conflict between
your install and your distribution install of gnome-pilot, or else
gpilotd has crashed or hung for some other reason, blocking launch of
the config applet.

> 3) Sync of Memos is broken, neither "Synchronization" nor "Copy from
> PDA" nor "Copy to PDA" work, same situation for both Treos.
> 4) With Treo 680, when I disable all but Memo sync, only Memo sync
> happens (but not works really).

This could be due to a problem with the address or datebook conduit
'crashing' the sync before the memo sync gets to run.  I don't know what
you mean by "Memo sync happens (but not works really)".  You can get
more info by running 'gpilotd' from a terminal window (kill running
copies first).

> With Treo 650, on my Treo, it continues to show sync of Address, of
> Datebook, etc. and it takes much more time.

Did you disable the address/datebook sync for the Treo650, or just the
Treo680?  Remember, these settings are per-PDA.


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