Re: How to add conduits after recompilation

Still not receive replies to my questions.
I've checked my settings in the mailinglist, I should receive each message.
So I have to reply in yet another new thread.
Thanks very much, you were right, my problems were due to different installation locations.
By copying Evolution's conduit files to /usr/local/share..., after a reboot, I see these conduits in the gnome-pilot settings.
My Treo 650 works fine now.
New problems:
My Treo 680 is randomly working. The difference is :
For Treo 650, I must press the Hotsync button for beeing detected by udev, then /dev/ttyUSB0, 1 and /dev/pilot are created.
But for Treo 680, these files are created as soon as it's connected to the USB cable. And the sync functions once / 3-4 times.
And after that, the Treo 650's sync is blocked.
I expected that both Treos get synced to the same Evolution. But the result is all data are duplicated in Evolution !
I've created two different devices in gnome-pilot settings, one for each Treo. And during the sync, gnome-pilot shows the correct device in the progress window.
Now I'm trying to remove all that duplicated data.  
Notice in Windows with Outlook/Pocket Mirror, the sync works very fine with the two Treos.
I wonder how gnome-pilot is designed to sync multiple devices.
Suppose that I sync the two Treos with Evolution, and remove duplicated data in Evolution, after a new sync, can I expect that both Treos reflect the new data state ?
And then can modifications made in both Treo be propagated to each other ?
(I've still one Treo without corrupted data, so I want to be sure before syncing data back to it)

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