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  • Re: Infrastructure | Bylaws PDF missing from main website (#598), @barthalion
  • Re: Infrastructure | How to handle GDPR Art. 17 requests (#98), Michael Catanzaro (@mcatanzaro)
  • Infrastructure | mirror gimp (#661), astra isp (@astraisp)
  • Infrastructure | New Mirror (#660), astra isp (@astraisp)
  • Infrastructure | Several issues with password checker on password.gnome.org (#659), Stanislav Grinkov (@StanislavGrinkov)
  • Infrastructure | Mirroring: Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo (#658), Computer Science Club Systems Committee (@csclub-syscom)
  • Infrastructure | Retire Commits bot from gnome-calendar, gnome-todo, and control-center IRC channels (#657), Georges Basile Stavracas Neto (@feaneron)
  • Infrastructure | Request a GNOME (LDAP) account (#656), Fernando Fernandez Mancera (@ferferna)
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some themes were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Infrastructure | Luna Jernberg - bittin - being added to the webgroup (#655), Luna Jernberg (@droidbittin)
  • Infrastructure | openqa.gnome.org no longer resolves (#654), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)
  • Infrastructure | New account requests are not confidential by default as stated in "New Account Request". insufficient rights (or misleading documentation) (#652), Stanislav Grinkov (@StanislavGrinkov)
  • Infrastructure | Application for a new GNOME account for the GIMP project. (#651), Stanislav Grinkov (@StanislavGrinkov)
  • Infrastructure | gnome.org donation links are 404 (#648), Sophie Herold (@sophie-h)
  • Infrastructure | Archive tracker-oci-images project (#647), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)
  • Infrastructure | download.gimp.org rsync mirror request (UK) (#646), Chris Sarginson (@csargiso)
  • Infrastructure | Investigate status of security@ mailing list (#645), Michael Catanzaro (@mcatanzaro)
  • Infrastructure | Canonical CI runners crash with SIGILL running Epiphany test (#644), Michael Catanzaro (@mcatanzaro)
  • Infrastructure | broken page types in bugzilla archive (#641), Paul Wise (@pabs)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Link gnomeid, foundation_id and GitLab account (#622), Sophie Herold (@sophie-h)
  • Infrastructure | Guide to Config gnome.org email account (#640), Manuel Haro (@mharo)
  • Infrastructure | Request to install a draft sharing plugin in blogs.gnome.org (#639), @somas
  • Infrastructure | ftpadmin is broken (#638), Michael Catanzaro (@mcatanzaro)
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some plugins were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Infrastructure | Login to openqa.gnome.org with gitlab.gnome.org (#637), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)
  • Infrastructure | Add developer access to my account (#636), @gwagner
  • Infrastructure | schedule.ics doesn't work on calendar.google.com (#635), Ondrej Holy (@oholy)
  • Infrastructure | Please import squeekboard to /World/Phosh/squeekboard (#634), @guidog
  • Infrastructure | Moderators of board mailing lists (#631), Kat (@kat)
  • Infrastructure | Remove Allan from any paypal email alias (#630), Kat (@kat)
  • Infrastructure | Drop the /stable from https://developer.gnome.org/hig/stable/ ? (#629), Allan Day (@aday)
  • Infrastructure | Use container registry to speedup CI (#628), @guidog
  • Infrastructure | New repository GNOME/openqa-needles (#627), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)
  • Re: Infrastructure | New Repository `World/Phosh/phosh` (#625), @guidog

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