Infrastructure | broken page types in bugzilla archive (#641)

Title: GitLab

Paul Wise created an issue: #641

The Bugzilla archive has three types of broken pages, details below.

Unfortunately since you blocked the archive bot from ArchiveTeam (an Internet Archive associated group) before you made Bugzilla read-only, correct versions of these pages are not available for all of the bugs.

So I think the only way to resolve this issue will be to temporarily bring the Bugzilla site back online and re-archive the affected pages.

Also, once Bugzilla is back online it would be great if you could allow ArchiveTeam to archive all the pages so a correct version is available in the Internet Archive Wayback machine. Once their archiving run completes then Bugzilla could go back to read-only mode.

The issue history page returns a 403 error:

It should look like this instead:

The XML export returns the normal bug view now:

It should look like this instead:

The attachment description page just returns the attachment:"">

It should look like this instead."">

-- bye, pabs

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