Infrastructure | Several issues with password checker on (#659)

Title: GitLab

Stanislav Grinkov created an issue: #659


I'm not sure if it is a proper tracker to report these issues. Anyway, the issues.

  1. Inconsistency between password field tooltip and password strength calculator. Former says 7 to 24 letters with special characters, numbers and uppercase letters, while the latter Your password must have at least 8 chars and maximum 48 chars.
  2. Incorrect detection of special characters. Ordinary letters and numbers are detected as special characters.
  3. Password with ordinary space character breaks detection of special characters. If whitespace characters are not allowed this must be stated clearly.


  1. Navigate to password reset page and initiate password reset.
  2. (optional) change password field type to text
  3. Type Test2Test. See that password strength checker is satisfied even when no special char is present in the password.
  4. Add any special character anywhere, and then separate this password with space anywhere. See that checker no longer able to detect presence of the special character.


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