Re: Infrastructure | broken page types in bugzilla archive (#641)

Title: GitLab

Paul Wise commented on a discussion:

I am not part of Archive Team, but I obtained this comment from them:

I'm sorry that we caused you trouble. Unfortunately, we didn't get the news about the shutdown until shortly before we started archiving it; if we had known earlier, we would've archived it much earlier of course. We did reduce our request rate drastically once we noticed it was causing the server issues. I think the attachment descriptions are useful to make sense of the attachment data (although the context in the bug report may be sufficient in many cases) and the XML export is useful for programmatic access of the data (e.g. building a search index). But the most important of the broken ones is the history as it contains information about changes to the report (component, title, etc.) that can't be found anywhere else.

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