Infrastructure | Mirroring: Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo (#658)

Title: GitLab

Computer Science Club Systems Committee created an issue: #658

What's the organization sponsoring the mirror you'd like us to include?

Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo

Why are you interested in mirroring GNOME's code?

We have been mirroring GNOME for many years. It looks like our mirroring configuration got out of sync, and the old is no longer available. After reading the documentation, we see that we now need a password to sync.

What's the town/city, country, and continent in which the mirror is located?

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, North America

Are you currently mirroring any other major FOSS project already?

We mirror most major Linux distributions and many FOSS projects. A listing is available on our mirror's index page:

Please include an administrative e-mail which can be used to report problems and procedural changes

Main Contact: systems-committee csclub uwaterloo ca

This is the committee of members responsible for maintaining the CSClub's infrastructure, including our mirror.

Main point of contact name and surname, e-mail (possibly pointing to a request tracker of any sort in case the main contact is not available.

/cc @averi

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