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  • Not able to login to the translate project, Karkan Alzwayed
  • [no subject], Muhammad Ariesta
  • [DL]String additions to 'gnome-logs.master', GNOME Status Pages
  • [gnome-settings-daemon] Created branch gnome-40, Bastien Nocera
  • [geary] Created branch gnome-40, Michael Gratton
  • Unable to commit translation, Philipp Kiemle
  • Feedback on adding a new language to Gnome, Нарт Лӏыша
  • About the Amaharic translation team, beta-stage
  • [DL]String additions to 'gnome-settings-daemon.master', GNOME Status Pages
  • [gnome-session] Created branch gnome-40, Ray Strode
  • [gdm] Created branch gnome-40, Ray Strode
  • Empty notifications, or untranslated notifications? Tough choice, Bastien Nocera
  • L10n BoF/Meeting at GUADEC Online 2021, Luna Jernberg
  • [gsettings-desktop-schemas] Created branch gnome-40, Ray Strode
  • [DL]String additions to 'gsettings-desktop-schemas.master', GNOME Status Pages
  • DL Error : File not UTF8, Matej Urban
  • Mutter, shell + shell extensions main branch, Florian Müllner
  • Not UTF-8 Encoded, Kukuh Syafaat
  • gnome-software renamed master branch to main, Philip Withnall
  • Polari main branch, Florian Müllner
  • calls move to GNOME, Guido Günther
  • New team for Abkhazian (ab)", Нарт Лӏыша
  • GParted 1.3.1 to be Released Jul 19, 2021, Curtis Gedak
  • [orca] Created branch gnome-40, Joanmarie Diggs
  • Afrikaans, Patrick
  • New default branch for Devhelp, Emmanuele Bassi
  • [polari] Created branch gnome-40, Florian Müllner
  • Status of Danish translation team and open merge request against Orca, Joanmarie Diggs
  • [DL]String additions to 'gtksourceview.master', GNOME Status Pages
  • Re: Request: Add Decoder to DL, Piotr Drąg
  • [gnome-todo] Created branch gnome-40, Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
  • String freeze on Chronojump (new version on July 8), Xavi de Blas

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