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Hi Everyone

Please close or delete this thread. The co-ordinators website was down
so I thought that his email would not work and posted here instead but I
was wrong. I am in good hands now and I do not need to post to this main


On 2021-07-10 12:49 p.m., Patrick wrote:
Hi Everyone

This is my first post here. I am quite new to translation work. I am
interested in trying to help out with Afrikaans translation work.

I am not a native speaker. I just have a keen interest in the language
and culture and a special application for the language. I have two kids
with autism and they can memorize new visual information instantly but
struggle badly with grammar. I want to teach them Afrikaans as it has a
very logical writing system and very logical grammar. Our early
experiments show a lot of promise.

Anywho, I would love to help out. I have been studying Afrikaans for 3
years and I can read and write pretty well. I am also humble in the
sense that I would not translate something unless I knew it was a very
good translation so I would likely start off a little slow and hopefully
gain momentum over the next few years as my Afrikaans fills in to near

It looks like there are no active contributors for this language which
is why I am posting here.

Please let me know if this is welcome-Patrick

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