Re: New PO Template file for `gnuash'

ons 2002-10-30 klockan 22.58 skrev Carlos Perelló Marín:
> > > I'm thinking on put there all our .pot/.po  files at
> > > there and update them
> > > every day. For example, when the status pages are updated, send every
> > > .pot file that has been updated to the robot, this way, the status pages
> > > and the robot have the same version.
> > 
> > I would advise against that. Translators should only get active when a
> > release of the package is near. It is a waste of time to continuously
> > update translations.
> True, but for example, with GNOME releases, we freeze the code but some
> strings change and the mantainer send an email to the mailing list
> telling us that he/she has updated some strings. And sometimes they do
> two or three changes for the same version, so we cannot use your version
> schema.

Also, in GNOME, we tend to work with developers and follow the
development process more closely since we in every moment have access to
the exact same source as the developers or testers. Many of us also
follow the development mailing lists, etc. This allows us to translate
software from very early in the development process of the applications
and test the translations and catch i18n problems etc. early -- it's all
part of the development process. I think this is a benefit of this
process -- if you want to, you can "start early" with your translation,
and i18n design mistakes are catched early. The TP works in a different
way for other good reasons, but this is not something that we should


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