Re: New PO Template file for `gnuash'

El mié, 30-10-2002 a las 22:25, Martin v. Loewis escribió:
> Carlos Perelló Marín <> writes:
> > Is it able to manage .po files like libgda.HEAD-20021031.pot, hummm or
> > better, libgda.HEAD.pot and let it be updated over, and over again?
> No. The TP only supports (few) dedicated releases of each POT
> file. Each POT file must have a unique version number.
> This is by design; it simplifies life for translators and allows
> better traceability.

That's true only for the way you manage the .po but not for the way that
we do it.

> > I'm thinking on put there all our .pot/.po  files at
> > there and update them
> > every day. For example, when the status pages are updated, send every
> > .pot file that has been updated to the robot, this way, the status pages
> > and the robot have the same version.
> I would advise against that. Translators should only get active when a
> release of the package is near. It is a waste of time to continuously
> update translations.

True, but for example, with GNOME releases, we freeze the code but some
strings change and the mantainer send an email to the mailing list
telling us that he/she has updated some strings. And sometimes they do
two or three changes for the same version, so we cannot use your version

> > A translator can commit it directly to the CVS server or send it to the
> > Translation robot. If it's sent to the Robot, the robot check the file
> > and send it to an special email address to be updloaded to the cvs (like
> > you suggest). If the .po file is uploaded directly to we
> > need a way to send it also to the robot (perhaps a control script like
> > the ones that we use to update webpages or thigs like that).
> For external translations, we only need to maintain the fact that it
> is external - we don't have a copy of the external translation.

I'm talking about 100% integration not cooperation. The cooperation is
really beautiful, but I don't think it could be possible we are not
talking about the cooperation between two teams we are talking about the
cooperation between 80 or even more teams... (40 from GNOME and 40 from
GNU). It's not a trivial task...


> Regards,
> Martin
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