Re: New PO Template file for `gnuash'

El mié, 30-10-2002 a las 21:34, Karl Eichwalder escribió:
> Carlos Perelló Marín <> writes:
> > The robot is a good idea, but if it's extended so it can work with
> > CVS.
> Should not be that difficult: The robot will send the translation to a
> given address (MIME attachment) and the person receiving the
> translation file can write a procmail rule as follows:
> :0
> * ^Subject: Contents of file `xxx-
> * ^From: Translation Project Robot <>
> {
>     :0 c
>     | formail -s >$HOME/Projects/xxx/trans; \
>       ( cd $HOME/Projects/xxx/test && uudeview -i ../trans )
>     :0
>     /var/spool/mail/ke
> }
> Simple add some "cvs ci" commands or use cron to checkin the files.

We should check other headers (to check that it's the real Robot, for
example the IP address, but it's trivial).

Is it able to manage .po files like libgda.HEAD-20021031.pot, hummm or
better, libgda.HEAD.pot and let it be updated over, and over again?

I'm thinking on put there all our .pot/.po  files at there and update them
every day. For example, when the status pages are updated, send every
.pot file that has been updated to the robot, this way, the status pages
and the robot have the same version.

Now we need a way to sync the .po files.

A translator can commit it directly to the CVS server or send it to the
Translation robot. If it's sent to the Robot, the robot check the file
and send it to an special email address to be updloaded to the cvs (like
you suggest). If the .po file is uploaded directly to we
need a way to send it also to the robot (perhaps a control script like
the ones that we use to update webpages or thigs like that).

Also, we need a way to diff when a commit/email is from a normal
translator or comes from the Robot/cvs server because we can join in a
really beautiful loop.

I think that this integration could be done. Please, translators, tell
me what do you think about it.


P.S.: Until the integration development, please, use only one team for
gnucash and/or gthum.

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Carlos Perelló Marín
Valencia - Spain

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