Re: New PO Template file for `gnuash'

Carlos Perelló Marín <> writes:

> Is it able to manage .po files like libgda.HEAD-20021031.pot, hummm or
> better, libgda.HEAD.pot and let it be updated over, and over again?

No. The TP only supports (few) dedicated releases of each POT
file. Each POT file must have a unique version number.

This is by design; it simplifies life for translators and allows
better traceability.

> I'm thinking on put there all our .pot/.po  files at
> there and update them
> every day. For example, when the status pages are updated, send every
> .pot file that has been updated to the robot, this way, the status pages
> and the robot have the same version.

I would advise against that. Translators should only get active when a
release of the package is near. It is a waste of time to continuously
update translations.

> A translator can commit it directly to the CVS server or send it to the
> Translation robot. If it's sent to the Robot, the robot check the file
> and send it to an special email address to be updloaded to the cvs (like
> you suggest). If the .po file is uploaded directly to we
> need a way to send it also to the robot (perhaps a control script like
> the ones that we use to update webpages or thigs like that).

For external translations, we only need to maintain the fact that it
is external - we don't have a copy of the external translation.


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