Re: New PO Template file for `gnuash'

Carlos Perelló Marín <> writes:

> will you update both list the one at and the other at TP ?

No. I cannot modify Someone at the Gnome translation
project would have to do that.

> what happens if a translation does not exist and a gnu translator
> starts the translation and at the same time a gnome translator do
> the same?

Coordination is required. You cannot simply start translating without
first checking.

The same coordination is required *within* a project: What if two
gnome translators simultaneously start a translation?

> I'm not telling the problems with the GNOME way and the GNU way, I'm
> talking about the problems we can have if we use both teams for the
> same module. I's more easy that a GNOME translator joins the GNU
> team or GNU translator joins the GNOME team that we try to work
> together with our own tools.

It might be the easier way, but not necessarily the better way. It
should be possible to define operational procedures and technical
measures to allow translators from both projects to contribute to some
software - if we, as the managers of these projects, are encouraging
such cooperation.

> I will only agree to work together if we look a way to integrate the
> robot and our cvs (the robot gets a file do all checks and then commit
> it to and automaticly fetchs .pot snapshots. The robot
> should be able to manage dated versions).

If you think this is a procedure that can be implemented: sure?


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