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El mié, 30-10-2002 a las 06:27, Karl Eichwalder escribió:
> Carlos Perelló Marín <> writes:
> > Then I think that we should send all .po files available to the robot
> > and remove them from gnome-i18n and status pages so we don't get two
> > different teams working on the same application.
> Thanks for your cooperation!

I don't understand why they want to change the way that gnucash is
translated, but they are the mantainers so they can do what they think
it's better for their application.

> > Could we proceed with the gnucash "migration"?
> If nobody opposes within the next two day, say, I'll transfer the files
> to the robot; then translators can send updates by mail to
> ; more more info on the robot cf.
> or just ask at .

Please, remember that the teams that use the robot are not always the
same that work with GTP so the translators should coordinate the gnucash
translation with them.

> All the best,
> Karl


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