Re: New PO Template file for `gnucash'

El mié, 30-10-2002 a las 13:43, Karl Eichwalder escribió:
> Carlos Perelló Marín <> writes:
> > The problem is people using directly the that does not
> > look at the status pages or when a GTP or GNU translator stops his/her
> > work on this module, how will know that the other team?.
> That's how CVS works; that's neither bad nor good.  People using open
> CVS'es know they must communicate to avoid various clashes.

Then forget the cvs server, I think that it's better translate directly
to the cvs server, because this way the translation delay is really
small since the mantainer wants to do the release until it's done with
all updates. The translator can update it at the same time the mantainer
is updating the application. But this is not what we are talking about
now. One translator can fetch a .pot from your ftp and send it to the
robot without look at your web pages. It's the same problem that with
cvs. Perhaps the robot will reject the translation, but the translator
has lose his time translating it.

How will you comunicate my status pages with your robot so both will
know that one modules is available to translate because the old
translator is not working on it anymore?

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