[Glade-users] How to simultaneously minimize/iconify windows

On Mon, 2004-08-09 at 08:41, Romain Liévin wrote:

I have widely spread the GTK+ documentation and the Glade source code but
I didn't manage to understand how Glade can group the
Palette/Properties/.. windows.

I noticed that Glade display just one iconified window in the Windows task
bar and when you minimize one of the windows, all windows are
simultaneously iconified. I would like to do the same thing !

Is there any one who can give me some hints/issues ?

Thanks, Romain.

Have not done this exactly.  But you will need to keep track of all your
windows and in the action where you select to minimize the window your
callback function would run down the list of windows you have open and
iconify each window or hide each window.  When you expand the window you
would run the list again and unhide or show each window again.

I sort of did this in one program where I canceled an action and needed
to destroy a couple of windows that had been opened to perform that
action.  In the cancel callback function I checked for each window and
issued the destroy call for each if it was open.
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