Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

Sicofante <forums gimpusers com> writes:

“Save” means “overwrite the original file”, period

This is true for applications that simply on a specific file and can
store/restore all relevant informatin the that file format. This is,
indeed, the majority of applications.

However, several applications that deal with more complex data have
exactly the behaviour GIMP now has. For example, Audacity opens MP3 or
WAV but "Save" means: "Save as AUP (Audacity format)". To get MP3 or
WAV, use "Export". Scribus also behaves similar. When you open an EPS
with Inkscape, "Save" will save an SVG.

One thing I do, however, slightly agree with you. When for example
working on a PNG, saving it (as XCF), and then export repeatedly as PNG
I wonder whether it should ask *every* *time* if it's okay to overwrite
the file.

-- Johan

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