Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

On 05/06/2012 10:51 PM, John Coppens wrote:

-When starting to edit, why not immediately do a Save as xxx.xcf?

That's what I do and it has come in very handy.

-Why not add (to Gimp) the possibility to maintain an autosave copy
 in (.XCF format) each N minutes? And not delete it for X days?

I would not use that.  For instance, just a couple of minutes ago I
opened an XCF file, merged several layers for convenient export of
some image elements to another XCF file, and closed the file without
saving.  If an autosave hit in the middle of that, it would "commit"
this strictly temporary state to my source file, wiping out layers I
need to keep if I closed the file - or somebody tripped over the
power cord - before reverting the changes.

-Why not make the Undo buffer for the last N edited images
persistent for X days? Disk space is generally not an issue.

That's an interesting idea.  Over the years I have heard a lot
people "wishing" out loud that they could undo changes in a saved
image after closing out.  Still though, there have been times when I
had to repeatedly flush the undo buffer when using an older/slower
machine to work on "big" files - a day's work could add up to
gigabytes of saved buffer in some instances...



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