Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

On Sat, 5 May 2012 12:32:22 +0400
Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre prokoudine gmail com> wrote:

I'm not sure what this question means.

The question should be understood literally :) Is GIMP the only tool
to get your job done?

I wrote a couple of macros in Guile which help me, so Gimp is
my preferred tool, yes. Say 95% of bitmap editing is done in Gimp. For
vector work, I use Inkscape (which, BTW, has a very convoluted file
file flow).
We don't know if you need this unsafe workflow all the time or half the time.

I'm not sure what's unsafe.

Losing multiple layers, masks, extra channels etc. is unsafe.

Options for people who loose Y hours of work by slips of fingers:

-When starting to edit, why not immediately do a Save as xxx.xcf?

-Why not add (to Gimp) the possibility to maintain an autosave copy
 in (.XCF format) each N minutes? And not delete it for X days?

-Why not make the Undo buffer for the last N edited images
persistent for X days? Disk space is generally not an issue.


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