Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

On Sat, May 5, 2012 at 7:04 PM, Jay Smith wrote:

c) The developers UTTERLY FAILED to manage public relations on this.  It was
completely obvious to me (from monitoring the discussions on the developer
list) that this subject was going to touch of an enormous storm of anger
among some users.

  If the developers don't like the angry reaction they have received,
perhaps the developers should examine how they could have done a better job
of communication ON THE USER LISTS to warn people of what was coming.  I am
not saying "ask", I am saying "warn".

  In what I have observed over the years as rather typical attitude by
open-source developers, the developers did not seem to think about (and
certainly did not execute) good ADVANCE public relations on this subject.
 The attitude of "we did it, like it or leave it" is just not well received
in this day and age.


What you wrote above is more or less the reason why I took the
responsibility of handling public relations in the project last year.
We haven't had a dedicated team member for that in years (ever since
Dave Neary left in 2006 or so). Hence it's still going to take a while
till I can safely say that we are on top of this.

However I stlll find it highly disturbing that so many people felt
that the project wasn't doing dccent PR work, and yet noone else
volunteered. If I'm run down by a truck tomorrow, what is the
community going to do about the lack of a PR person again?

What is the community going to do about the ongoing situation with Mac
builds when even the team has no idea (yet) what's going on there?

What is the community going to do about the lack of really good
tutorials that sell GIMP instead of undermining its reputation?

Which member of the community is going to email Apress and tell them
(s)he's capable of and willing to write the book on advanced
techniques with GIMP that they still haven't found an author for?

Are we a givers or takers community? Are we makers or consumers?

Input appreciated :)

Alexandre Prokoudine

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