Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

On 05/05/2012 10:30 AM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

We are not separating people into better of worse users, or the
deserving and non-deserving, or entitled and not entitled. This would
not be a constructive approach.

What we _are_ doing is _focusing_ on a group of users who are
underloved by free software. We are building workflows around their
needs. We are _targeting_ those users.

And this is the key to progress.  Maximum quality, not maximum
convenience, is the guiding principle in GIMP development.  That's
why I am still using it "after all this time."  All users will not
agree on all changes, but the users who best understand the GIMP,
and who bump their heads on its limitations from time to time, are
the ones whose input drives progress.  That's the only way forward.
 Targeting a hypothetical "average" user is a downward spiral as
each "generation" of new average users learns and does less and less.

New users will benefit from immediate exposure to the "professional
paradigm" and start paying attention to file formats from day one.
Long time users who often (or always) find no use for the XCF
format, will have to relearn or remap a keyboard shortcut or two to
keep the same speed & convenience they are used to.  Long time users
who routinely save their work in XCF won't notice a major difference.

And really... guise... If you don't need the new GIMP color model,
you don't need the new version of GIMP.  I am guessing that is
approximately 100% of users who don't routinely save most files in
XCF as "part one" of their usual workflow.  It's not like you need
to keep your GIMP version current for the sake of security patches
or compatibility with external applications.  Keeping the "old" GIMP
also means that all your favorite plugins and scripts will keep
right on doing exactly what you expect them to do.



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