Re: [Gimp-developer] Export instead save directly

It would probably be okay to use "Save" in a case where there is not much
data to be lost by doing so. Like if you flatten the layered image first.
If you've done that without exporting anything, it's pretty safe to assume
you wouldn't lose anything you were worried about by saving to the imported

So for the sake of disinterested people who are just making minor single
layer adjustments, Save could default to the imported/opened format IFF
there is not more than one layer.

To sum up:
Multiple layers = Save = .xcf
Single layer = Save = .jpg/.png/ imported file format

Maybe this is a way to put a much fought over issue to bed? :)

Just a thought.

OK, once the discussion is here again, I will also add my 2 cents. There
are definitively more than 2 people disapointed by this change. I am the
third one. I've got somehow used the new concept, so I don't complain and
don't want to get back the former UI, but let me explain two important

1. import and export terms are usually used for actions which are not
natural for the given application. And most often they don't need to be in
pairs, which means, we can import some data, but we cannot store them, and
we can export some data, but we cannot load them. This is definitively not
the case of Gimp for most of the graphical formats.

2. Do you know some photo/image viewer which can display xcf files? I am
not aware of any. Maybe there is some, but it is not important at the
moment. The important message is, that poeple (I appologise to Alex for
speaking on behalf of other peaple than I am) usually don't want to store
they images as xcf. I bet most often they want to load their JPEG from
their camera, make some edits, color enhancemnts, etc. and SAVE it back as
JPEG. That's all.


On 29.02.2016 20:40, wwp wrote:


On Mon, 29 Feb 2016 19:31:00 +0000 "A. da Mek" <a da_mek0 ufoni cz> wrote:

 > I still think that there should be a file->import as it's really hard
to tell people JPEG and PNG are not native to GIMP when it opens them just

Yes, I had the same thought; the current system is asymmetric. If it is
insisted that non-xcf files cannot be saved and are exported instead, so
they shall be also only imported instead of opened. But when I can open a
file, then I expect that I am able also to save it.

That's probably the real point.

OTOH, as the application can detect which format is being opened, and
choose automatically between opening of the native format and importing of
other formats, so maybe the best solution could be simply change the label
from "open" to "open or import".

"open" is generic enough. "import" (if it exists besides "open")
usually implies that you convert from a format that is not the format
used internally or not the intended format for the application.
"export" has the same meaning (but other direction). "save" is generic
too. You can also think about other generic terms, like "load" and


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