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Am Montag, 29. Februar 2016, 22:21:49 schrieb pavel pamsoft cz:



2. Do you know some photo/image viewer which can display xcf files? I am
not aware of any. Maybe there is some, but it is not important at the
moment. The important message is, that poeple (I appologise to Alex for
speaking on behalf of other peaple than I am) usually don't want to
store they images as xcf.

How is that relevant? When you are done with editing you can still export a 
final flat copy to JPEG for easy viewing while still keeping your working XCF 
for backup, later tweaking of your work and even to help you proof that an 
image is actually yours. For cases where that is not needed just using export 
is fine.

I bet most often they want to load their JPEG
from their camera, make some edits, color enhancemnts, etc. and SAVE it
back as JPEG. That's all.

While there are certainly people who want to do that it's definitely not the 
target GIMP tries to cater for. As being said already in this thread, GIMP 
tries to support professional users in a workflow typical for them. And that 
certainly neither includes roundtrips through a lossy format like JPEG nor 
writing to original files.

So yes, users might have to learn that there are export and overwrite now, but 
as users of a professional tool it shouldn't be asked too much to invest those 
few seconds to understand these concepts and remember them. This is not a 
single click tool but a serious application that you need to invest some of 
your time in to learn it. I fear there is no easy way out.


Tobias, not being part of the GIMP team and therefore telling his personal 


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