Re: [Gimp-developer] Export instead save directly

But it does be a shame that many of us were
forced by this unfortunate change to revert to 2.6.

Many of who? There is no indication whatsoever that the group of people who
reverted to 2.6 is any large.

How can we know how many of them there is, if they simply downgrade to 2.6 and do not bother to discuss it somewhere?

then we consider this version broken

If I may just ask, could you please drop "we" and start talking in singular
noun please?

We are at least two: I and the user who started this thread.
I did not opened this matter for myself and only lurked here to see if I am the only one who sees it as a serious problem. Once I learned how to save with the new user interface, I have no personal interest in this cause. But now when someone else came with with this topic, I fear that there may be much more of such users who were discouraged from using the new version, which would be a pity, because the GIMP is an excellent application.

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