Re: [Gimp-developer] Export instead save directly

Alexandre Prokoudine writes:
Also, if you think that changes of this sort should be officially
talked about in any other way than they already have been, I'm

A. da Mek writes:
A warning on the download page.
A tip of the day (if possible the first one).

The Save-Export split is described in the Release Notes for 2.8,
linked from the downloads page:
It's always a good idea to read the release notes when upgrading
software if you want to be warned about user interface changes.

(Do I always remember to do that myself? No. But if I forget to
look, I don't complain afterward about not having been informed.)

The change was also discussed on the gimp-user list starting in
early May 2012. (It was discussed on IRC and the developer list much
earlier than that, of course, but users aren't expected to see that.)
And it has been discussed a lot since then -- my mail folder tracking
this topic is up to 1722 messages now, and that doesn't count forums.

I don't like the Save-Export split either (and said so in 2012), but
it's baffling to see people complaining about not being notified in 2016
about a change that was clearly documented and discussed back in 2012.

As for sticking with 2.6 and refusing to upgrade: really? Well, it's
your choice, of course, but there's no way I'd stick with an older
version just because of something that's so easily worked around in
a program as configurable as GIMP. You can learn to use export, you
can customize your key bindings, you can use a plug-in that does
what you want (that's what I did: google for "gimp saver").
GIMP 2.8 has some great new features and 2.10 will have even more.
You're free not to upgrade, but you're shortchanging yourself.


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