Re: [Gimp-developer] Export instead save directly

Am Montag, 29. Februar 2016, 23:07:57 schrieb C R:
It would probably be okay to use "Save" in a case where there is not much
data to be lost by doing so. Like if you flatten the layered image first.
If you've done that without exporting anything, it's pretty safe to assume
you wouldn't lose anything you were worried about by saving to the imported

So for the sake of disinterested people who are just making minor single
layer adjustments, Save could default to the imported/opened format IFF
there is not more than one layer.

To sum up:
Multiple layers = Save = .xcf
Single layer = Save = .jpg/.png/ imported file format

Maybe this is a way to put a much fought over issue to bed? :)

Just a thought.

That would be terrible. Users not understanding the concept would suddenly be 
facing images where they can just save to JPEG while others can't, but PNG is 
still enabled (because they somehow added an alpha channel), and even other 
images support XCF only (maybe because the layer is bigger than the image). So 
they would have three images that might look the same and seem to use the same 
features but GIMP seems to treat them different for no apparent reason. 
Internal state isn't that obvious after all. I assume that would be even more 




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