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sorry for the delayed reply, I had some deadlines to deal with.

Aleksandar Kovac wrote:

On 2013/03/12, at 0:45, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net> wrote:

well, as long as I get shown the middle finger where it comes
to implementing the control frame of the tool, I think the
situation is completely out of whack here where it comes to
interaction design and usability.

remember, it is open source: only successful contribution counts.

please don't get me wrong on this one [...]

not at all, I appreciate posting on this thread, a lot. 

I would like to remind you that open source is not about "only successful contribution counts". We have 
seen a case or two where initially unsuccessful contribution made all the difference in the long run, when 
the time was right. That is fine in the open source. i.e. the fact that ideas evolve and flow and can wait 
for better times and purposes. We have the luxury of not having the strict economic constraints or market 
competition that commercial projects have, and I think that this is something to embrace.

OK, let me explain better: I was trying to say that people who
on this mailing list and irc obstinately imply that they also
got the interaction design angle somehow covered, should maybe check
their contributions, accomplishments and recognition by seasoned
peers (all three in interaction design, of course, as should be
the seasoned peers).

because this is how it works in code in open source and the devs
are taking no prisoners in this regard.

meritocratic is how it is supposed to work.

But rather, the "open source" is about open access to any development and implementation information for a 
"final" product. With that in mind, professionally, I am very much interested in your approach to designing 
interactions. Your work (and that of your students) has been inspiring, but unfortunately has been a bit of 
a black hole, too. [...]

without any cynicism I say that I could use some evaluation and advice
here from you Aleksandar, because all pointers say that you are indeed
a peer, deep into open source and you are independent of me.

without trying to convince you, that design was developed in the open
at its wiki page:


even earlier sketches were blogged:


there were quite few afternoons where I showed the design on irc and
adapted it after critique—especially the handle design—until it dealt with
the criticism without throwing out the innovation with the bathwater.

also I linked to the design in progress on this list, of course looking
for attention and feedback.

Either way, that opaqueness of your team's design decision process puts your team undeservedly in a 
position where you have to announce/defend the solutions in front of the community everytime you "deliver" 
the solution.

well, I would not like to see that this comes to that I have to be more
catholic than the pope. developers, open the source for inspection and
sharing. but they do not have to justify every micro decision of every
line of code, certainly not to non-developers (heh, try...)
the code has to work and get past the quality standards and technical
architecture requirements of the maintainers.

the interaction design has to work and get past the quality standards
and interaction architecture requirements of the lead designer.

it brings me to the actual point that is so galling for me at
the moment. as a designer I have several long-term relationships
with clients and partner companies. what I notice about them
is the giant trust that comes with them:

clients and partners trust that when I lead the design the problems
(and they are always big and complex) will be solved and the
results will be great; just build it;

clients and partners can trust that I never let them down, I am
always there for them when they need it.

I am now 6 years active at the GIMP project (long term, I call that)
and the trust is not there. I really would like to see an explanation
for this.

And no matter how smart and informed your solution is, there will always be some middle fingers raised. For 
various understandable reasons (some might not get it, some might hate it, some are cans, some have 
different ideas... etc.)...

the unworkable thing is that the middle finger comes from the people who
are supposed to be partners in this: developers.

the implicit agreement—I scratch your back and you scratch mine—has
been broken with that.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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