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Alexandre wrote:

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 6:32 PM, peter sikking wrote:

it is not only the unified transform tool, although that is the one
that broke my back, certainly after our Vienna BOF. it is the string
of these things, and the ‘that’s the way it is’ cheerfulness that
developers display with it, that is exhausting me.

AFAIK, the latest issue here was a missing rationale for duplicating
transformation tools (Unified Transform as "feel" tool + separate
"precision" tools).

OK, in all craftsmanship, and GIMP is all about craftsmanship and
getting there, there is a balance between doing the next task
totally free (take a hand tool, start and it will come out 100%)
and totally controlled (using jigs). every individual craftsman
takes depending on the next task and her/his skills and experience
a unique decision. as a tool supplier (GIMP) we we end up aiming
for a 50/50 mix of free + controlled.

this is for instance a reason why in the paint system we need
an equal balance between working with presets (controlled) or
knocking up/adjusting setting on the spot (free).

it is elementary.

you can read much more about this in ‘the nature and art of workmanship’
by David Pye. very thorough. you can read it online at google books.

and talking about duplication: we would end up with much less tools:
unified transform, rotation and perspective tools. and then we take it
from there (now is my time to say that).

what about having it ‘all’ in one tool? not what 2 decades of
experience in interaction design says. and having designed this tool
and actually made the hundreds of decisions in it, I can tell you
that not having precision and _useful_ number entry (read that again,
not the #$%^&* 3x3 matrix) as requirements made important things
possible, like combining all the geometry operations at random, and
optimising the free part. 

I hope we can work through these different points of view.

well, as long as I get shown the middle finger where it comes
to implementing the control frame of the tool, I think the
situation is completely out of whack here where it comes to
interaction design and usability.

remember, it is open source: only successful contribution counts.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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