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Betreff: Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp gradients

Alexandre wrote:

I wrote:

I must say I am thinking of picking either the gradient or align tool
as the module for my students to design.

both are simply up for grabs.

That would be great if a spec will come out of it.

*cough* selection tool *cough*
spec writing seems to be a waste of time, competence and enthusiasm
at the moment. developers simply throw away a third of it and do what
they want. this pattern has been growing at GIMP over the last years.

My feeling as only occasional contributor is that it is currently hard 
to determine if a spec is fully implemented or not, and if not, what 
parts are missing. 

Some specs, like e.g., Save & Export, seem to be next to complete.

Others, like the Unified Transform Tool, are implemented up to a point
where any further steps felt like removing existing functionality - and
have thus are thus left the tool in an inconsistent state.

Would it help if the state of the implementation was tracked in 
the gui wiki itself, by marking paragraphs and sections as implemented 
or missing?


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