Re: [Gimp-developer] present xcf as what it is, a gimp project file format

On 06/16/12 23:51, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
Logic? Awesome joke, gg.

What's the joke? You think it is fine to adopt contrary positions as it suits you and go "there I win". Perhaps there is a different idea of humour in your country.

You are basically saying that professionals don't make mistakes, and
if they do, it's all right, they don't fret. This is just silly.

First of all, everyone makes mistakes, professionals are not robots.
But this is not the point.

I never said "they don't fret" I said they are big enough to know what a png is and if they make a mistake they assume the responsibility.

The point is that saving means being able to have access to all the
project/work data in the future. This has been stated millions of

No, if I open a png to edit it, save means save my png.

The current attempt to redefine that is what a lot of people are trying to discuss.

Stating outright the "save now mean use xcf" and there fore I am right is more of your personal logic.

and the fact that you keep going on and on about this can only
mean that you are trying to be a pain in the arse.

No the fact that I "keep going on about it" means the software is becoming a PITA and I wish to help improve it.

I started this thread with a cogent , concrete suggestion about what was causing conflict in the GUI and suggested a possible approach to making it suit both extended and short term processing in a coherent way.

So far I have Peter intent on throwing up all sorts of issues that were not related to what I said and your illogical and now insulting behaviour.

That is a fairly good indication that neither of you have anything to say other than "I know best and that's as far as it goes".

 Impressive guys.

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