Re: [Gimp-developer] present xcf as what it is, a gimp project file format

On 06/16/12 21:54, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
>It seems the "target user" argument is often cited here but they still need
>to be prevented form doing something "unsafe".
>do professional top end uses really need idiot proof software?
Was it a deliberate attempt to spill some oil into the fire? Thank you
for that. We are all extremely interested in another shout contest.

No, it was a deliberate attempt to point out that you (one) cannot constantly use the "top-end" target argument , then turn around and the GUI has to guide the user to know what is "safe" or not and must be prevented from saving work which has layers in anything but xcf because they won't realise that png , whatever, will loose the layers.

You (one) cannot use an argument when it suits you, then assume the opposite later.

No oil, just a simple statement of logic.


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