Re: [Gimp-developer] present xcf as what it is, a gimp project file format

On 16 June 2012 18:54, Nicolas Robidoux <nicolas robidoux gmail com> wrote:
>> - to really Save the contents of the file has to match what is
>> on the screen (save, quit, restart, open file: no change--undo
>> history excepted). this is not just a good idea, this is the law.
>> breaking the law: usability blooper.
> Indeed, if "Save is lossless" is a law, "Save" has to be to XCF, and
> something else has to be used to "save" to any other format.
> Nonetheless, I can't help but think that few people would buy a gun
> that makes it hard to shoot yourself in the foot.
> No matter how sensical the feature.
Most guns I know have the very sensible feature of a safety switch. It
does make it harder to accidentally shoot oneself in the foot, but I
have not heard very many people complain about it.

Most guns also have a shield in front of the trigger, and require a
substantial force to actually trigger. The ease of shooting oneself in
the foot is severely hampered by this, but again I do not see many
complain about it.

> Because most of us like to shoot first and ask questions later.
I think that "better safe than sorry" is a more sensible approach. One
can in general not revive dead peop^Wdocuments.

Jon Nordby -

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