Re: [gDesklets] SideCandy 0.20


> Scrollbars are IMHO not a good idea for preferences. I prefer to divide
> the options into different tabs in some logical way. Its easer for user
> then using scrollbar and I think it's also so to say official way how to
> do this in GTK+ aplications. 

True! But the problem is, that you can't predict the size of the window
and the text (theme) the user is using.
Right now there are some desklets out there where the prefs window does
not fit on a 800x600 screen with metacity and a standard gnome theme.
And this doesn't take a lot of entries in one tab to get to this point.
Of course the developer should have an eye on it, but basically it is
impossible to have things fit on ALL desktops out there.

*AND*: having NO chance to get to the button on the bottom of the window
is much much much worse than any scrollbar!
I don't like scrollbars there either, but "things out of reach" (like
the "close" button) are a nightmare!

Btw.: if you have too many tabs (or too long titles of the tabs) you
will run into the same problem that the window is too big and you won't
be able to push the "close" button on the bottom.

> In original draft on Wiki there is a note to include into this basic set
> one template desklet (like sidecandy). We may do it if you wish. I
> personaly don't use any sidecandy desklet, so I may be biased. I'm using
> only Calendar, Clock and Quote-of-the-Day.

Well, I am using 90% SideCandy displays, so I might be biased, too.

Anyway, I (personally) don't like this "basic desklets" idea anyway and
I am not really keen on making SideCandy part of these "basic desklets"
(apart from the facts that SideCandy isn't my baby anyway), but I had
the feeling that the team wanted to have them included (that's basically
why I asked).
If you all like to included it that's fine with me, and if not it'll
even be better ;).

But that's just my point of view ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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