Re: [gDesklets] Meta-Tags

Bjoern Koch wrote:
> That's true... most users do not use or take a look into the "About"
> menu item. BUT (almost) every user knows that there is an "About" menu
> item where he can find information like the version number and the
> author and a way to contact the author(s).
> And as this is a kind of standard I think it is a good idea to have this
> menu, too.
> And 99% of the users who do not care would be looking for the About Menu
> (in whatever case it will be they would be looking for it), and not for
> a README somewhere in the desklet's/display's path ;).
I fully agree with the About dialog, should be part of the right-click
desklet menu. But I definitely would not put there changelog information
for example.



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