Re: [gDesklets] Meta-Tags


> There might be some other optional things like contact information. If
> someone wants, he will find the README and COPYING files himself. I
> personally hate submenus :) If the shell contains such menus then it's
> ok, but for desklet is the About item IMHO enough.

Hmmm... submenus ... ok... if you hate them ;).
But I personally do not like the approach that the user "will find it
himself", especially if it is "no big deal" to provide him this information.

Well, what about a (more or less) simple "About" menu and (on selection
upcoming) window which provides links or even buttons to the README
and/or LICENSE text files (if available).
Or maybe even having tabs in the "About" window for this kind of

And another thing I was thinking about:
This might be a good place to provide the desklet's log file (whenever
gDesklets will provide seperate logfiles for each display). Maybe even
with a "Copy to Clibboard" feature ;).
Just in case there is a bug or a question.

I know... just dreaming ;).

Greetings, Bjoern (H.Humpel)

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