Re: [gDesklets] SideCandy 0.20

Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Ad 3.:
> - A few new backgrounds and themes should be included.
Some backgrounds should be IMHO part of the official (core) desklet
package so that other desklets can use it and the developers know the
exact path to them. I have excluded backgrounds from individual desklets
directories in basic-desklets branch on launchpad, so that they may use
them all and to avoid the duplication. You may check it. I have named
the directory as "Additions" but maybe "Common" is better name. We may
consider put there frames, if they will be implemented or (sidecandy?)
script for sliding desklets to the side.
> Ad 2.:
> - gD's prefs system doesn't support scrollbars yet and the SideCandy tab
> is pretty crowded already
>  -> with more improvements / additional features we would need a second
> tab for SC !
Scrollbars are IMHO not a good idea for preferences. I prefer to divide
the options into different tabs in some logical way. Its easer for user
then using scrollbar and I think it's also so to say official way how to
do this in GTK+ aplications. As far as I remember I haven't encountered
scrollbar in preferences in GTK+ programs (probably in any other
programs too). I checked Thunderbird, Firefox and Terminal right now.
> Furthermore I am wondering if SideCandy should be part of the "Add up to
> 3 desklets" blueprint on LP ??
You are trying to make sidecandy as a separate group of desklets, so
it's hard to imagine how to put it into basic-desklets branch, if they
will have it's own backgrounds, frames etc. The number of sidecandy
desklets may increase, more different developers may use this template,
so it's more appropriate to create a separate sidecandy package, that
will include them all. Basic-desklets brach should have IMHO only up to
5-7 (max. 10) desklets that the gD team members will maintain.
In original draft on Wiki there is a note to include into this basic set
one template desklet (like sidecandy). We may do it if you wish. I
personaly don't use any sidecandy desklet, so I may be biased. I'm using
only Calendar, Clock and Quote-of-the-Day. To have a weather desklet
like Goodweather is also a good idea.



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